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2022 Holiday Program Application

Page 2   (Please fill out a different sheet for each child)

PARENT’S NAME: __________________________________________________
CHILD’S NAME:     ____________________________________   AGE: ________ (for children under 13 yrs)

Holiday Basket Wish List: Following is a list of gift ideas that we have available for your child. Please check up to five gifts for your child. There is also a line for a special request.  Please note that BRGNS does not have funding for expensive items such as computers, tablets, phones or game systems. We will do our best to provide special requests within our budget.

___Barbie Doll                    ___Nerf Toys
___Baby Doll                        ___Action Figures
___Frozen                        ___Games
___Paw Patrol                    ___Books
___Lego                        ___Craft Items
___Star Wars                    ___Stuffed Animals
___Cars                        ___Sports Items
___Trucks                        ___Workshop Items
___Airplanes                        ___Jewelry Kits
___Play Dough                    ___Dinosaurs
___Puzzles                        ___Geography
___History                        ___Graphic Novels
___Science                        ___Coloring Books

Additional information on any of your above selections_________________________

Special Request: ______________________________________________________

We may also provide some clothing in addition to toys when available. Please provide your child’s size and sex.
Clothing Size___________ Foot Size___________    Boy____    Girl____

This is just a guideline. We will do our best to meet your requests. Even these items are limited, so the sooner you return your list, the greater your choices are of getting what you request. If you have any questions, please call  228-3663.

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