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     Our Thrift Store

Where Are We? 

We operate a retail thrift store at 37B Main Street

(Rt 103), Ludlow, VT. The thrift store hours are Monday-Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM. We are located in a building next to the Ludlow Community Center. Turn at the military tank that is parked in front of the Community Center. Follow the dirt driveway to your right, alongside the Community Center, to the rear of the complex. We are in the large brick building at the end of the drive. 

What Do We Sell?


We sell clothing, shoes, housewares, small appliances, books, toys, games, small furniture and linens.  Proceeds from sales are used to pay the operating costs associated with our food and financial assistance programs, and to provide funds to distribute directly to those in need.  NOTE: WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS, CASH OR CHECKS. Prices change seasonally and are subject to change without notice.  Please see our current price list below.

Where Does Our Merchandise Come From?

All of our merchandise is donated by the public. We are a Section 501 (c)(3) charity and donations are tax deductible. We accept donations as outlined below, but we reserve the right to refuse any items that we cannot sell. Please read the "Thrift Store Donation Guidelines" below for more details.


While we appreciate intent of all who wish to give us items, we do find that broken, torn, stained and worn out items actually cost us time and effort to dispose of. Please use good judgment in donating to us. We have had to throw away many, many donations because they were left outside in the weather. We are happy to arrange for large donations at a mutually convenient time. Please call us at (802) 228-3663.



Black River Good Neighbor Services greatly appreciates the generous outpouring of donations we receive on a daily basis. We would like to be able to take any and all donations that come in. However, our customers trust in us to sell safe items that are in good/working condition. We must pay to dispose of items that do not meet these standards and it is at the expense of our many other programs that we offer. We appreciate our customers and communities continued support and understanding, and if there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 802-228-3663. 



1.    Cribs, car seats, booster seats, diaper genies

2.    Downhill/cross country skis, ski boots or ski poles 
3.    Major appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers)
4.    Computers, stereos, cordless phones, cell phones
5.    Chain saws or other gas driven power equipment
6.    Electric blankets, heating pads, or portable heaters (electric, kerosene or propane)
7.    Humidifiers or de-humidifiers, air conditioning units
8.    Televisions (of any size), VCRs, DVD players, game systems
9.    Items that are broken, chipped, stained, ripped or not in good usable/working

10.  VHS tapes, floral vases, ironing boards, suitcases



1.    Small appliances in clean, good/working condition, microwaves (not older than 10 years), toaster ovens, coffee pots)
2.    Women’s, men’s, children’s clothing (any season), CANNOT be stained, ripped, outdated, have any missing/broken zippers, or buttons and cannot have an odor of moth balls, wood or cigarette smoke. Items cannot smell of attics, basements cat urine or marijuana.  
3.    Dishes, pots/pans, glasses/mugs, CANNOT be chipped or broken and must be in complete sets. Pots/pans- in good condition, no dents, Teflon intact, no scratches.
4.    Toys, puzzles, games.
5.    Lamps, books, NO dictionaries, textbooks, encyclopedias. 
6.    Other items at the discretion of the employee receiving the item during time of drop off.

7.    Pictures/prints (not faded) and frames (in good condition only).


We accept:
Adult Books
•    Hardcover or paperbacks
(Printed in the last 10 years) or classics, rare and antique books that are in good condition.
•    Books on CD

Children’s Books
•    Picture books, easy readers.
Middle school and teens
•    Novels, graphic books and comic books.

We do NOT accept:
•    Magazines, encyclopedias, reference books, textbooks, binders.

All books must be clean. No yellowing, no smell, no writing or highlighting.


  • All food items (with the exception of fresh produce) must NOT have passed the use by/expiration date AND must have intact safety seal.




Items are accepted by calling in advance 802-228-3663. Prior to dropping off furniture items, we must have photos of items wishing to be donated. Pictures may be emailed to:  Our Furniture Store business hours are: Friday, Saturday & Monday,10 AM - 4 PM as follows: We accept the following items:
1. Dressers and side tables
2. Dining room tables, chairs, sideboards
3. Sofas, loveseats
4. Coffee tables, end tables, miscellaneous chairs and tables
5. Other items will be accepted at the discretion of the store employee receiving the item. We do NOT accept entertainment centers, mattresses, bed frames or beds. All items must be in GOOD, SALEABLE condition.
6. Any furniture item requiring a pick up please call the thrift store at 802-228-3663. Kindly note we use volunteers for pick-ups so advance notice is required and may be limited.


































Donation Acceptance Policy:

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