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How You Can Help

We work to empower those who are under-served in the community

We are always in need of support in a variety of ways so that we can continue to offer assistance to our local communities. If you are interested in supporting us but are unsure where to start, please scroll down to get more information about the variety of ways you can support BRGNS! We thank all of our supporters, volunteers and the community for all of the amazing support they have continued to provide through the years.

The three best ways to support us are:

Financial Donation


Donating To Our Stores and Food Shelf

Please click on one of the links above to learn more!


Make a Donation

We accept financial donations as well as donations of items for our thrift store and furniture store.

For a list of accepted tangible donations,

please visit our Locations page or CLICK HERE.

All financial donations are tax deductible.

For your records, a letter of gratitude will be

sent upon receipt of your donation.

Here are some ways you can send us a financial donation:

In Person

37B Main Street

Ludlow, VT

Mon-Saturday 10AM-4PM


Make a tax deductible donation‏ via PayPal


It's easy to donate offline too.

Simply mail your donation to:

Black River Good Neighbor Services

37B Main Street

Ludlow, VT 05149



We also accept donations of time from our volunteers.  We have a very small paid staff. 

We operate under a 15 person volunteer board of directors, and we use the services of over

65 other volunteers to help run both of our stores and the food shelf.


Volunteers form the backbone of the Black River Good Neighbor Services’ team.  Since its founding in the 1960’s most of the individuals associated with the organization volunteer their time.  Members of the Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers, just as are the dedicated folks who deliver holiday baskets each December.  So too are those who stock store shelves and racks, and who sweep the floor and take out the trash.  We have a small paid staff and a huge volunteer operation.  But we have a lot of turnover and a lot of volunteers who live out of state and cannot give but a few hours each year.  Therefore, there is always a need for additional help.


Please review the list of volunteer opportunities below and perhaps identify some job that you may find enjoyable. 

Volunteer Opportunities


Office work: Developing and maintaining spreadsheets, scanning documents, organizing files, answering telephones,  and all other manner of running a business office.


Merchandising: Creating and setting up displays, developing sales generating techniques, creating retail interest, and generally finding ways to increase the attractiveness of the retail environment.


Sales: Running the cash register, helping customers, sorting donations, restocking clothing racks and merchandise shelves, and keeping customers happy.


Fundraising: Help to organize events, help to establish and run direct mail campaigns, special sales, dinners, and using imagination and ingenuity to work with the community to find funding sources.


Rubbish Removal and Recycling: Bring rubbish to the Ludlow transfer station, sort the general waste stream and deliver recyclables to the appropriate place.


Store Maintenance: General building maintenance, repair and cleaning of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, building shell, immediate grounds; keep all systems in top operating condition.


Food Delivery: Twice a month deliver USDA and BRGNS food to less mobile senior citizens.


Furniture Pickups: Pick up donated furniture from donors’ homes and businesses and bring it to our stores or put it in storage for future sales.


Do you have a particular skill that we can use?  Are you willing to help wherever help is needed?  If you can spare only a couple hours a month we can use you.  Please call Krey at (802) 228-3663,  or come in to the store at 37B Main Street, Ludlow to find out what you can do.  Volunteering comes with its own set of rewards.


Each August our volunteers gather for an appreciation picnic.  This year we had over 60 volunteers, family and friends at the affair.  We would love to have you attend next year.

Donation Info

Donation Info



1.    Cribs, car seats, car seat bases, booster seats, diaper genies, potty chairs
2.    Downhill/cross country skis, ski boots, ski poles, ski helmets, or rollerblades
3.    Major appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers)
4.    Computers, stereos, cordless phones, cell phones
5.    Chain saws or any gas driven power equipment
6.    Electric blankets, heating pads, portable heaters (electric, kerosene or propane)
7.    Humidifiers, de-humidifiers, air conditioning units
8.    Televisions (of any size), VCRs, DVD players, or game systems
9.    Items that are broken, chipped, stained, ripped or not in good working condition.                    10.  VHS tapes, ironing boards, suitcases, medical equipment                                                               11.  Used underpants, bed pillows, bed skirts, mattress pads (unless new and unused).



1.   Small appliances in clean, good/working condition, such as microwaves (cannot be older than 10 yrs.), toaster ovens, coffee pots.
2.    Women’s, men’s, children’s clothing (any season), CANNOT be stained, ripped, outdated, have any missing/broken zippers, or buttons and cannot have any odor of moth balls, wood or cigarette smoke. Items cannot smell of attics, basements cat urine or marijuana.  
3.    Dishes, pots/pans, glasses/mugs, CANNOT be chipped or broken and must be complete sets. Pots/pans, in good condition, no dents, Teflon intact, no scratches.
4.    Toys, puzzles, games.
5.    Lamps, books, (NO reference books, dictionaries, NO text books, NO encyclopedias). 
6.    Other items at the discretion of employee receiving the item during time of drop off.               7.    Artwork (not faded) frames (not damaged)

8.    Sheets, towels (all must be clean, no stains, ripped and no smells).                                                9.    New underwear (packaged), gently used and new bras. 


Location: 105 Main St, Ludlow. Hours: Fridays & Saturdays, 10-4 PM.  

Call 802-228-3663 with questions.  

REQUIRED FOR FURNITURE DONATIONS: Send photos of items to donate to:


ITEMS THAT WE DO NOT ACCEPT:                                

No bed frames, headboards, box springs, mattresses or cribs.



All nonperishable food items (with the exception of fresh produce) must NOT have passed the Use By/Expiration Date AND must have intact safety seal. We do NOT accept baby food.

Contact Us


Thrift store and Food Shelf

37B Main Street

Ludlow, VT 05149

Furniture Store

105 Main Street

Ludlow, VT 05149


Thrift store and Food Shelf


Furniture Store



Open Hours

Thrift store

Mon - Sat

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Food Shelf

Mon - Fri

10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Furniture Store

Fri - Sat

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

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