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BRGNS Happenings...

For all weather-related closings, please check our Facebook Page.

To all who have supported Black River Good Neighbor Services throughout this year, and especially in response to the July floods, we extend sincere gratitude and a heartfelt thank you. Our dedication of service to the community continues stronger than ever, inspired by this most generous and humbling outpouring of support.

Since July we have listened to countless stories of devastation and critical, urgent needs, together with the total loss of homes. Truly heartbreaking accounts from folks who wouldn’t give up, dug in their heels, rolled up sleeves and proceeded with the hard work needing to be done. This included coming to Black River Good Neighbor Services for much needed financial support and guidance. We have been here for those neighbors so deserving of our assistance.

Staying true to “Vermont Strong” a most powerful community spirit has also played a significant role in supporting folks hardest hit by damaging floods this year, and together with a large force of volunteers, an amazing amount of supplies, including food, water and basic necessities were distributed.

In continuing our dedication of service to the community, we offer twice monthly, free-for-alI, community meals. Taking place at the Ludlow Community Center, the program offers hot, nutritious meals and activities, but ultimately provides much needed social connections for those who can’t afford to eat out and have been impacted by the July floods. This outreach is critical to supporting a healthy, healing community.

In closing, we extend to you our wishes for a healthy and happy upcoming year together with a pledge to continue dedicated, strong support of our community’s needs.

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